EnjoyGymnastics Framework 

Our gymnastics classes follow the enjoyGymnastics framework which has been specifically designed and written for enjoyleisure classes. The framework provides children with the opportunity to experience all aspect of general gymnastics, allowing them to build their skills and develop their gymnastics.

Early Years

Baby Gym

At enjoyleisure's Baby Gym classes, parents and their infants can spend quality time working on interactive play, basic movement of the limbs and baby socialisation.  

Enjoy stretching to nursery rhymes, positive touch (baby massage), using hand equipment such as scarves, feathers, small toys as well as free play around developmental stations encouraging infants to move, crawl, reach and cruise.

Tumble Bugs

Dancing, rolling, tumbling, balancing, clambering, exploring! 

Tumble Bugs provides a safe, fun-filled environment where children (with the aid of their parent/guardian) will discover the fundamentals of movement.  This class will assist them to develop social, physical, lingual, intellectual, creative and emotional awareness.

Gym Monkeys 

The Gym Monkeys programme provides a stimulating play environment where the child works independently to develop multiple basic skills.  This fun filled class is for children aged 3 years up to those starting primary school. 

It is an active class where children can explore climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging, balancing – developing independence, self confidence and body awareness whilst also learning social skills such as taking turns, sharing and working with other children.

Tots Trampolining

Jumping, bouncing, giggling Tots Trampolining is so much fun for you and your little one!  Delivered on full-size trampolines, your child will enjoy taking turns on the trampoline, playing games and becoming aware of their own space and physical awareness.  Please note a parent/guardian is required to attend these classes with their child.

Unfortunately our Trampolining programme is currently suspended.

Gymnastics Programme Includes

Level 1 Gymnastics

Gymnasts will have basic skills required for fundamentals of gymnastics. They will have an understanding of basic gymnastics phases and terminology and have basic coordination and balance.

Level 2 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be able to complete beginner level skills and will be confident in their abilities on all apparatus.

Level 3 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will have a wide range of skills and will be beginning to look at their overall gymnastics performance. They will be confident working skills with little or no help from coaches.

Level 4 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be capable of completing high level skills and have competition experience. Gymnasts will be fully prepared for club opportunities and will be confident in their abilities.

Trampolining Programme Includes 

The general level of trampolining is for children in primary 1 upwards. Lessons incorporate basic trampolining moves through a variety of fun and games to increase flexibility, coordination and fitness eventually leading to learning basic routines.

New Classes starting from 15th August 2022 at Musselburgh Sports Centre