It's local, it's fun & it's for everyone! 

At enjoyleisure we strongly believe that everyone, no matter your age or ability, can enjoy being physically active. 

If you have disability or require additional assistance to enjoy utilising your local Sports Centres, please give us a call so we can identify how best to support and accommodate your needs ahead of your visit. 

In addition, we have a number of organised activities; either run by enjoyleisure or groups / organisations utilising the facilities, which anyone can join in including:

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Where: Meadowmill Sports Centre
Contact: 01875 618997
Open to:
Anyone with a disability

Archery Lessons are open to anyone with a disability and is run by qualified and experienced coaches.  An archery range is set up within the Sports Hall shooting at a distance of approximately 10-12 yards.   We often set up 'fun' targets such as balloons or cartoon faces.   When shooting the archers are supported 1-to-1 if necessary by one of the instructors, or shoot independently.

It's great fun, and a really exciting activity for everyone involved!


Where:  Meadowmill Sports Centre
Contact: 01875 618997
Open To:  Anyone with a disability

Disability Athletics is all about having active fun!  Activities are based around running, jumping and throwing.  Anyone with a disability is welcome to take part whether physical, sensory or learning as our experienced coaches can adapt activities to suit most participants.

A typical session might include a warm up followed by some relay races, we may then do some throws with various objects including discus and javelin and finish with a game before the cool down.

If the weather is good, we can go outside and enjoy running in the local woods and on the Meadowmill Pyramid.  Everything is done at an appropriate pace and participants become exhilarated, with a great sense of accomplishment.  

Badminton Club

Where: Musselburgh Sports Centre
Contact: www.lothiandisabilitybadmintonclub.org.uk
Open to:  New and experienced players.

These badminton sessions are organised by the Lothian Disability Badminton Club which meets at Musselburgh Sports Centre.  The club have been running since 2008 and has continued to grow and develop.   Members are a mixture of ages, abilities and disabilities.

The Club welcomes both brand new and experienced players with a physical disability to join the club. Participants are given the opportunity to learn new skills and improve existing ones in a relaxed and supportive environment.



Where:   Dunbar Leisure Pool
Contact:  01620 820655
Open To:  Anyone

Boccia classes are a great way of meeting new people in a friendly environment.

Boccia is played indoors with leather balls and a jack on an area the size of a baminton court.  Similar to bowls, the object of the game is for players to roll their ball with the aim of getting it closest to the jack.   The balls are leather containing plastic granules so they don't bounce but still roll.

The game is designed for people with a disability affecting locomotor function, and was introduced as a Paralympic sport in 1984.


Fitness Fun (Fitness Class)

Where:  Mussselburgh Sports Centre
Contact: 0131 653 5208
Open To: Teens and adults aged 14+

Fitness Fun is a gentle exercise class for people with additional support needs.   Activities within the class will help improve elasticity and strength, reduce muscle mass loss, improve circulation and help combat pain.


Indoor Carpet Bowls

Where:  Musselburgh Sports Centre
Contact: 0131 653 5208
Open To:  All ages and abilities 

Come along and attend the indoor bowling lessons at Musselburgh Sports Centre.  We offer a relaxed friendly environment in which you can learn and develop new skills.



Where: Mussselburgh Sports Centre
Contact: 0131 653 5208
Open To: Anyone over 16 years.

Come along and join the weekly Multi-Sports classes and discover a range of sporting activities including basketball, bowls, indoor curling, boccia and more!


ASN Swimming Lessons

Where: All Swimming Pools
Contact: swimming@enjoyleisure.com 
Open To: All children from 6 months +

As far as possible, we integrate children with additional support needs into our mainstream lessons, however we ask all parents to advise us of your children's needs so we can accommodate any additional support they require. 

For those children with more complex needs, we offer swimming lessons especially tailored ASN lessons at both Aubigny Sports Centre and Musselburgh Sport Centre.