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Track your child’s progress.

If your child is enrolled in either our Swimming Lessons or Gymnastics programmes, you can access weekly reports on your child’s progress online via enjoy leisure’s Parent’s Home Portal.

What is the Parent’s Home Portal?
The Parent’s Home Portal provides online access for parents / guardians to review weekly updates on your child progress against the assessment criteria for your child’s activity programme.

Currently this is available for all Swimming Lessons & Gymnastics participants.

Please note, the following classes will have access to Home Portal, although there are no competencies to view within this level. These classes are based on age, rather than competencies:
Swimming Lessons: Adult & Baby, Adult & Toddler, Adult & Child Swimming Lessons
Gymnastics: Baby Gym & Tumble Bugs

Progress reports include the assessment criteria for your child’s current level that is required to be completed before they move up to the next level. We aim to make reports available within 24 hours of your child latest class.

In addition you can review reward badges, and when your child is marked as ready to move to the next level, you can select your child’s new class (based on current availability).

If you have more than one child in the programme, you can link all accounts together.

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