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Wiggles Soft Play Closure

We regret to advise that the Wiggles soft play area within Loch Centre is currently closed. We will update here as soon as it reopens.

Please note there is an alternative soft play area within our Musselburgh centre.

Introduce your child to gymnastics and watch their confidence grow.

For children of all ages and abilities to the fundamental elements of movement, balance, coordination, and motor skills, our program cultivates self-confidence, strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness. From Baby Gym to Tumble Bugs, Gym Monkeys, and Tots Trampolining, our safe and stimulating environment is filled with games, singing, and laughter.

As your child progresses through our gymnastics programme levels, they will explore different apparatus, master new skills, and assemble impressive routines. Watch them flourish in self-assurance, explore various gymnastics disciplines, and gain the skills and experience necessary to thrive at the club level.

Join us today and watch your child soar to new heights.


Baby Gym
Parents and their infants can spend quality time working on interactive play, basic movement of the limbs and baby socialisation.

Enjoy stretching to nursery rhymes, positive touch (baby massage), using hand equipment such as scarves, feathers, small toys as well as free play around developmental stations encouraging infants to move, crawl, reach and cruise.

Tumble Bugs
Dancing, rolling, tumbling, balancing, clambering, exploring!

Tumble Bugs provides a safe, fun-filled environment where children (with the aid of their parent/guardian) will discover the fundamentals of movement. This class will assist them to develop social, physical, lingual, intellectual, creative and emotional awareness.

Gym Monkeys
The Gym Monkeys programme provides a stimulating play environment where the child works independently to develop multiple basic skills. This fun filled class is for children aged 3 years up to those starting primary school.

It is an active class where children can explore climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging, balancing – developing independence, self confidence and body awareness whilst also learning social skills such as taking turns, sharing and working with other children.

After completing these, your child may move on to the next Level.

Your child will be able to demonstrate the following skills at the end of each level of our programme:

Level 1 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will have basic skills required for fundamentals of gymnastics. They will have an understanding of basic gymnastics phases and terminology and have basic coordination and balance.

Level 2 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be able to complete beginner level skills and will be confident in their abilities on all apparatus.

Level 3 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will have a wide range of skills and will be beginning to look at their overall gymnastics performance. They will be confident working skills with little or no help from coaches.

Level 4 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be capable of completing high level skills and have competition experience. Gymnasts will be fully prepared for club opportunities and will be confident in their abilities.

Our gymnastics classes follow a framework which has been specifically designed and written for our classes. The framework provides children with the opportunity to experience all aspect of general gymnastics, allowing them to build their skills and develop their gymnastics.

All Gymnastics and Trampolining class participants will be enrolled into our brand new enjoyGymnastics Membership Scheme.

This includes a rolling 40 week programme of classes paid via monthly direct debit (guaranteed minimum of 38 weeks per year). Participants will progress through each of the assessment criteria for each level at their own space, and will be able to move to the next level when they are ready (subject to space availability).

Gymnastics Assessments

For some children over the age of 5, we may ask for them to attend a Gymnastics Assessment session to ensure that they are placed into the correct level of the programme.

The monthly direct debit payment is £19.00 per child per month*

*Access to Leisure Customers are entitled to a 50% discount on the standard monthly membership fee of £19.00 per month. However should the Access to Leisure subscription expire / terminate the direct debit payment will automatically increase to the standard amount. Further Terms & Conditions Apply.

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