Since September 2020, the gym equipment at Aubigny Sports Centre has been split between two rooms to provide additional space for customer enjoying their activities. This is set to continue, with customers to Haddington’s Gym enjoying the benefits of a double room refurbishment. As well the upgrading the ever popular treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and resistance equipment enjoy is delighted to be installing some brand new pieces of kit.


Soon to be swiftly arriving at Haddington, Musselburgh and Tranent is the SkiErg®, a truly unique piece of equipment mimicking the actions of cross country skiing. This piece of equipment has been embraced by the fitness community, for its ability to work legs, core and arms in a smooth continuous motion, building strength, fitness and endurance. The SkiErg® is also suitable for individuals with lower body limitations or injuries, as it can be adapted to work the core and upper body from a seated position, be that a stool, chair or wheelchair. Crossclimb Seated Stepper Customers at Musselburgh Sports Centre and the Loch Centre will be able to make use of the brand new Crossclimb Seated Steppers. As the name suggests, users lean against the seat rest, whilst engaging their lower body against variable resistance steppers. This machine is particularly beneficial as it increases aerobic capacity as well as strong muscles and bones, however due to its unique positioning, it reduces the risk of injury caused from high impact on joints. Furthermore, users can choose to enjoy a strength workout, utilising the machines at lower speeds and heavier resistance; a power workout, combining faster speeds and heavier resistance; an aerobic workout, with faster speeds and lighter resistance; or an endurance programme, using slower speeds and lighter resistance over a longer period of time.

Curved Treadmill

The treadmills at the Loch Centre are always popular, but soon there will be a new edition to the suite, as Tranent receives a Curved Treadmill, the first within enjoyleisure’s portfolio. Unlike the other machines, the curved treadmill is non-motorised and is self-powered. Which means with each foot strike, the user is propelling the belt behind them. The user subsequently controls the speed and motion, and in doing so, can improve their power, speed, stamina and agility.

enjoyleisure, in partnership with East Lothian Council, will embark on a 7 week rolling schedule to refurbish each of the three Bodyworks Gym facilities in turn.

During each refurbishment, only the Bodyworks Gym areas will be closed to the public, all other facilities within the Sports Centres will be open as usual.

  • Musselburgh Sports Centre’s Gym closed at 9:30pm on Wednesday 27th April and is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday 11th May
  • Aubigny Sports Centre’s Gym will close at 9:30pm on Wednesday 4th May and is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday 25th May.
  • Loch Centre’s Gym will close at 9:30pm on Wednesday 18th May and is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday 8th June.

Bill Axon, Chief Executive of enjoyleisure comments,

“We are thrilled that in collaboration with our partners East Lothian Council, enjoy has been able to retain its commitment to improving the leisure facilities and services on offer within our local communities.

Public health and fitness remains at the top of the agenda for enjoyleisure; our objective is to take the lead in getting everyone more active, more often. Very soon each of enjoyleisure’s gym facilities will have been kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, rivalling that of its closest competitors.

However, what sets enjoy apart is our commitment to providing friendly and inclusive access to our community facilities. Everyone is welcome to ‘enjoy’ these facilities – budding teens, eager adults, social seniors, and especially those who are taking their first steps on their first journey, be that to improve their health and wellbeing, or to recovery from illness or injury through rehabilitation.

Plus, via our partnership with The Fitness Education Academy, we have Personal Trainers available to support, encourage and motivate members to achieve their fitness goals.

We very much look forward to welcoming everyone into these brand new facilities in the very near future.”

Tom Reid, Head of Infrastructure for East Lothian Council comments,

“This is yet another exciting programme of work, which will enable the local communities of Musselburgh, Haddington and Tranent to reap the benefits of new, high-quality fitness equipment in improved environments.

I am extremely proud that East Lothian Council and enjoy are leading the way with these up-to-date installations at all community sport and leisure centres. This yet again highlights, especially during these challenging times, the commitment both the Council and enjoy have, to provide high quality, accessible and affordable facilities to our communities.”

enjoyleisure would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its customers for their patience and cooperation as we make these improvements.