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enjoyleisure’s pitches and pavilions are available for your enjoyment. To ensure that as many as possible have a fair opportunity to make use of the facilities, there are some conditions attached to lets which you are asked to read and follow.


  1. Applications should be made to the appropriate Booking Office.
  2. Teams and groups from East Lothian are permitted to make a booking for playing pitches and facilities up to one month in advance while teams or groups from out with the county are permitted to book such facilities no more than one week in advance of the date required.
  3. Any false declaration will result in the immediate withdrawal of acceptance of let and forfeit any future applications.
  4. Lets will normally be granted subject to availability.
  5. A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation will be required.

Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid in full at the time of the booking (exception: approved clubs with credit agreement and making at least 4 bookings per month).

Credit of Fees Paid

Credit of monies paid will be carried forward if:

  1. Booking is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.
  2. At least 24 hours prior notice of cancellation is given.


  1. The applicant/organisation to whom the playing pitch or pavilion is let will be held responsible for any damage that is done to enjoyleisure managed property. In the event of any damage occurring to the playing pitch or pavilion, as a consequence of the let, enjoyleisure will recoup all costs involved in repairing the damage from the applicant/organisation.
  2. laying pitches and pavilions must be left free of litter at the end of the event. If any litter is left on the site after the event, enjoyleisure will recoup the costs of cleaning the site from the applicant/organisation.
  3. A responsible office bearer, leader or person must be in attendance during the period of let and shall ensure the safe custody and return of any keys issued in connection with the let, and ensure that the premises are left locked when vacant.
  4. Sports footwear must not be cleaned in the pavilion dressing room or shower room.
  5. The time period for which the let is granted should be adhered to.
  6. The decision to cancel due to weather conditions lies with the hirer, referee or body responsible for the let.

Applicants must co-operate fully with all enjoyleisure staff, including caretakers.

Due consideration must be given to residents of neighbouring properties.

Vehicular Access

  1. Private cars are not permitted to enter onto playing pitches under any circumstances other than emergency.
  2. Only vehicles authorised by enjoyleisure will be permitted to enter pitch sites for the purpose of selling of ice cream or any other commodity.

3. Any breach of the above Conditions of Let may affect future lets to the applicant.

Accidents and Losses

The issue of lets is at the discretion of enjoyleisure and may be withdrawn at any time without reason assigned.


The granting of a permit for the let of the facilities requested does not imply that the facilities are suitable for the purpose they are intended to be used. It is incumbent on the application/organisation prior to the let, to satisfy themselves that they are suitable for the purpose intended.

Enjoy Leisure Head Office
Musselburgh Sports Centre
EH21 7AS

T: 0131 653 5200

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