enjoyleisure's Gymnastics classes are open to children in primary 1 upwards.  Participants follow a term programme which works towards the Annual Showcase, the East Lothian Gymnastics Competitions and the Scottish Gymnsatics Awards Scheme.

Level 1 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will have basic skills required for fundamentals of gymnastics. They will have an understanding of basic gymnastics phases and terminology and have basic coordination and balance.

Level 2 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be able to complete beginner level skills and will be confident in their abilities on all apparatus.

Level 3 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will have a wide range of skills and will be beginning to look at their overall gymnastics performance. They will be confident working skills with little or no help from coaches.

Level 4 Gymnastics
Gymnasts will be capable of completing high level skills and have competition experience. Gymnasts will be fully prepared for club opportunities and will be confident in their abilities.


Bookings & Prices :  

Gymnastics Membership Scheme
Standard: £18.00 per child per month, payable by direct debit
Access to Leisure: £9.00 per child per month, payable by direct debit 

For more information about the Gymnastics Membership, click the link for Gymnastics Programme.