Baby Gym

Dancing, rolling, tumbling, balancing, clambering, come and join the fun at Baby Gym.

At enjoyleisure's Baby Gym classes, parents and their infants can spend quality time working on interactive play, basic movement of the limbs and baby socialisation. 

Enjoy stretching to nursery rhymes, positive touch (baby massage), using hand equipment such as scarves, feathers, small toys as well as free play around developmental stations encouraging infants to move, crawl, reach and cruise.

Age Group
9 Weeks - Walking

Walking - 18 months 

Bookings & Prices:

Gymnastics Membership Scheme
Standard: £20.00 per child per month, payable by direct debit
Access to Leisure: £10.00 per child per month, payable by direct debit

For more information about the Gymnastics Membership, click the link for Gymnastics Programme.