Children's Climbing Lessons

Our climbing lessons teach children the fundamental requirements of belaying, climbing technique nd general safety, through practical sessions and engaging, fun games.    Participants will work towards the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS) Levels 1&2.

Beginners 8-11 years
Discover the world of climbing in these beginners sessions suitable for 8-13 year olds, where you'll be introduced to basic climbing and belaying techniques.  

Intermediate 8-11 years
Once you've completed at least one term of beginners you may be able to progres to intermediate level where you'll be able to advance your knowledge and skills. 

Advanced 8-11 years
Once you've completed two years of intermediate climbing classes you'll be ready to progress to advanced classes taking on more challenging routes and lines.  You'll also have reached NICAS level 3 standard.

£7.90 per lesson (booked in blocks)

To book onto one of the climbing courses, please contact the Loch Centre via 01875 824140.