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Code of Conduct


  • Please notify the instructor of any health conditions on arrival.
  • Climbing involves an element of risk. Always follow the directions of the climbing instructor.
  • Exercise care, common sense and self preservation at all times.
  • Traverse only with shoulders below the red line. Always climb within your capabilities.
  • Lead climbing is not permitted.
  • Try to climb down not jump. If you must jump, land with both feet and knees bent.
  • Pay attention to other climbers. Do not climb under or above another climber.
  • Do not stand under a climber.
  • Do not swing on the ropes.
  • Pay attention when belaying, always stand as close to the wall as practical, watch what the climber is doing.
  • Do not distract other climbers or belayers.
  • Be aware that holds may spin or break. Please report any loose holds to the instructor as soon as they are identified.


  • At the end of all climbing sessions, please join any hired boots together and place in the correct box.
  • Leave your harness with the waist and leg loops extended and return the harness and belay device to the instructor.


  • Please bring a sealed water bottle to climbing sessions.
  • Please use the disabled toilet, the changing rooms are for football use only.
  • Please utilise the lockers for personal belongings, keys are available from the Facility Caretaker. Belongings are left at your own risk.
  • Anyone requiring first aid, should contact the Facility Caretaker.
  • If the fire alarm rings leave by the nearest exit and assemble in the basketball court.

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