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Gymnastics Class Structure


The general gymnastics class is an introductory class for children in Primary 1 upwards, where they will learn the basics of gymnastics. In this class gymnasts learn the basic movements of gymnastics such as rolls, jumps and balances whilst improving flexibility, coordination and strength. All new gymnasts to the programme must start at this level, the coaches continually asses the gymnasts to ensure they are continually progressing and will move them onto the next level of class when ready.


The intermediate level of gymnastics is a step up from the beginner’s classes where the gymnasts work on more advanced skills.  Having mastered the basic movements, gymnasts will be taught more complex skills including handstand forward roll, cartwheel round-off and vaulting.  Gymnasts are continually assessed by the coaches to ensure they are progressing and are moved into the development class when they have achieved the required kill level and are showing potential to move onto club level gymnastics.


These classes are a step up from the intermediate level of gymnastics and aimed to prepare gymnasts to move into club level gymnastics. These classes last from 1-2 hours. Gymnasts will be given the relevant information to move on to a gymnastics club.

Boys Development Class

The boys’ development class runs alongside the current development class and will concentrate on refining the basics and working towards Men’s Artistic Skills.

In the class, gymnasts will be introduced to the basic skills on the pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar. The sessions will include strength and conditioning work as well as developing more advanced skills preparing the gymnasts for further levels of gymnastics.

Initially gymnasts will be nominated for the class by the coach in their current class based on the below criteria: 

  • Ability to perform basic skills on floor including forward and backward roll, handstand and cartwheel
  • On vault – a dynamic jump from the springboard showing good technique with straight legs 
  • Attitude – hard working , determination and responds well to challenges
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