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Abs Blast
Improve core muscles with mat work and resistance training. A strong fit core is the foundation to multiply your fitness efforts. 

INDEX:  Intensity: */**  |  Core / Toning Exercises |  Teen Friendly


Total body fitness, aerobic and strength training combined.

INDEX:  Intensity: **  |  Cardio |  Teen Friendly


Agility Circuits
This class uses bodyweight training exercises and mat work to strengthen and condition the abdominals and key core muscles.

INDEX:  Intensity: **  |  Cardio |  Core / Toning 


Aqua-Fit  (Low Impact)
This class will relieve the stress on joints whilst improving your cardiovascular fitness and mobility.

INDEX:  Intensity: * |  Low Impact |  Teen Friendly 


Aqua-Fit Circuits  (Low Impact)
A unique aqua-fit class using apparatus to provide resistance training under water. 

INDEX: Intensity: * | Low Impact 


Ballet Stretches (Low Impact)
Improve core strength, joint mobility, postural awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility.

INDEX: Intensity: */** |  Low Impact | Core / Toning |  Teen Friendly


Ballet 4 Fitness 
Fitness / dance class based on Ballet exercises, working on posture, core, strenght, flexibility, joint mobility, balance and coordination.  All levels welcome.

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Cardio | Core/Toning |  Teen Friendly 


Body Conditioning (Low Impact)
A great fitness class to work all major muscle groups combining aerobic and strength conditioning exercises; incorporating the use of hand held weights.

INDEX:  Intensity: ** | Low Impact  |  Strength |  Core / Toning |  Teen Friendly 


The sports-inspired, interval training class combining athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.

INDEX:  Intensity: **/*** | Cardio 


BodyBalance®  (Low Impact)
A Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates inspired workout that builds flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling centred and calm.

INDEX:  Intensity: */**  |  Low Impact  | Mind & Body | Teen Friendly


An energetic program inspired by martial arts; strike, punch, kick and kata your way to superior cardio fitness.

INDEX:  Intensity: **/***  |  Cardio 


The fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. BodyPump is an intensive toning and conditioning class using weights.

INDEX:  Intensity: **/***  | Strength | Core / Toning 


Body Suspension
Train your entire body and build strength with this excellent core conditioning and abdominal workout.  Adjustable for all fitness levels. 

INDEX:  Intensity:  **/***  |  Strength | Core / Toning 


Boot Camp
An interval training and circuit workout incorporating plyometric and bodyweight exercises.

INDEX:  Intensity: **  |  Strength | Cardio | Core/Toning 


Booty Camp
A high intensity, cardio burning workout to aid weight loss and improve conditioning.

INDEX:  Intensity: **  |  Cardio 


Box Circuits / Boxercise / Quick Box
Upper body workout with glove and pad combination, followed by abdominal work.

INDEX: Intensity: **/***  | Strength | Cardio | Core /Toning 


A class that utilises weights and other pieces of equipment to improve fitness and strength.

INDEX:  Intensity: **  |  Strength | Cardio | Core / Toning 


Dance Fitness
Enjoy this fun loving, creative, dance fitness workout.  No dance experience necessary, just plenty of enthusiasm and a bit of sass!

INDEX: Intensity: ** |  Cardio  |  Teen Friendly


Fitness For All  (Low Impact)
A gentle but very effective workout combining seated and standing exercises using a variety of fitness equipment to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and stamina.

INDEX: Intensity: *  | Low Impact 


Fitness Fun  (Low Impact)
Gentle exercise class for people with additional support needs. Activities within the class will help improve elasticity and strength, reduce muscle mass loss, improve circulation and help combat pain.

INDEX: Intensity: * |  Low Impact 


Fitness Pilates  (Low Impact)
Set a faster pace than a standard Pilates class, you’ll increase flexibility, mobility and strength without bulking up.

INDEX: Intensity: */** |  Low Impact  |  Mind & Body  | Teen Friendly


Functional Fitness  (Low Impact)
A strength, cardio and flexibility training work out. Great for spinal and postural care supporting every day activities. Suitable for all fitness levels.

INDEX:  Intensity: *  | Low Impact 


Funky Fitness  (Low Impact)
A low impact aerobics exercise class, suited to those looking to get more active or rehabilitating from injury.

INDEX: Intensity: */**  | Low Impact | Cardio 


Gym Assist
Based in the gym, the instructor will provide information, support and encouragement to get the most from your workout and achieve your health and fitness goals.

INDEX:  Intensity: (at your own pace)  |  Cardio | Strength | Teen Friendly 


Hatton Boxing
Performing traditional boxing drills this class will assist weight loss, increase muscle tone and fitness levels.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Strength


INSANITY® / High Intensity / HIIT
A high intensity cardio workout using your own body weight as resistance.  Using ‘Max Interval Training’ techniques, this class is not for the faint hearted!

INDEX:  Intensity: *** | Cardio 


Kettlebells / Kettlercise®
Target key muscles groups including abs, gluts, arms and thighs for maximum effectiveness using Kettlebells.

INDEX:  Intensity:  **/***  |  Strength 


Legs, Bums & Tums
This class is a combination of hi-lo aerobics exercises specifically for toning the mid to lower body.

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Cardio | Core/Toning | Teen Friendly 


A high impact class consisting of 30mins of MetaFit followed by a series of weight and resistance circuit challenges.

INDEX:  Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Strength | Core/Toning 


30min interval training blitz that increases your metabolism and overall fitness.

INDEX:  Intensity: **/*** | Cardio 


Pilates (low impact)
Pilates will enable you to increase in flexibility, mobility and strength without bulking up whilst experiencing a sense of calm and relaxation.

INDEX:  Intensity: */**  |  Mind & Body  | Teen Friendly 


This class mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a calorie burning, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape.

INDEX:  Intensity: ** | Cardio | Core/Toning  |  Teen Friendly 


An intensive Pilates and Yoga inspired workout that will sculpt your body, scorch calories, define your core and improve flexibility.

INDEX:  Intensity: ** | Mind & Body | Cardio | Teen Friendly 


Resistance Bands
A 30min toning workout utilising resistance bands to tone and sculpt all areas of the body.

INDEX:  Intensity: ** | Core / Toning | Teen Friendly 


Resistance Training for All (low impact)
Whole body workouts designed to maintain muscle strength and bone density.  The exercises are for all ages and all levels of fitness.  Graduated use of dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands.

INDEX: Intensity: * | Low Impact | Strength 


Spin & Circuits
30min spin, followed by half hour of circuits.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Strength | Core/Toning 


Spin Express
30mins intense Spin-Fit session.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Teen Friendly


Spin-Fit / Spinning®
A high intensity workout using stationary
exercise bikes.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Teen Friendly


Step & Tone
A high impact aerobics class using steps which works on toning the muscles and improving cardiovascular fitness.

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Cardio | Teen Friendly


Stretch & Strength   (Low Impact)
Gentle exercises to improve elasticity and strength, reduce muscle mass loss, improve circulation and combat pain. Ideal for those starting an exercise programme and rehabilitating from injury.

INDEX: Intensity: * |  Low Impact  


Strong by Zumba
Start training to the beat!  Every squat, lunge, burpee is driven by the music.  You'll brun calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Cardio | Core/Toning 


Teen Gym
Burn calories, strengthen muscles, get fit and have fun with friends.  Teen Fit Gym is a supervised gym session for high school pupils aged 12-15 years.

INDEX: Intensity - own pace | Cardio | Strength | Teen Friendly


Teen Spin
A dedicated version of Spin-Fit for 12+ years

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Cardio 


Bridges the gap between movement and strength training.  It combines full body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance, and reconditioning goals.

INDEX: Intensity: **/*** | Strength  | Core/Toning 


Yoga   (Low Impact)
Yoga is an ancient system of breathing practices, physical exercises and postures as well as meditation intended to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Mind & Body  | Teen Friendly


The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin and International rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.

INDEX: Intensity: ** | Cardio | Teen Friendly 

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